Brian's Song

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Role: Connor

Jack runs away from home hoping to reunite with Jesse (Colin Ferguson), the gay father he hasn’t spoken to in seven years - and his timing couldn't be worse. He appears just as Jesse's partner, Connor (Sean Maher), is proposing at a party in front of all of their friends. Just when you think it can't get worse, it does. Both Connor and Jack didn’t know the other existed. The party transforms into a true Dynasty moment as Connor and Jack storm out in opposite directions.

Weeks go by as Jesse and Jack try to rebuild their relationship. However, even as father and son make progress, Jesse can’t patch things up with Connor.

What will happen when the couple's friends, Dale and Patrick, can't take anymore and decide that it's time for an "intervention"? Expect fun, laughter, and a few twists and turns!

Original airdate: In Development
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