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The producers of Sean's upcoming film Timing at Dalliance Films have kindly offered to share some exclusive content with, in an ongoing collaboration covering the film's development process. Since this content is exclusive to, we kindly ask you to link to our website when you share it with your friends. Click the following links to jump to each section of our Exclusive Content:

@Q&A with producer Keith Sweeney, Dalliance Films @"Timing" Script Snippets

Q&A with producer Keith Sweeney, Dalliance Films

"Timing" producer Keith Sweeney kindly agreed to answer a few questions for Read on to find out more about the story behind "Timing", and why the people behind it wanted Sean Maher for the role of Connor.

SM.i: Can you tell us a little bit more about Timing and why it is an important project for Dalliance Films?

KS: "Timing" was written and will be directed by Dalliance Films' very own A. Blaine Miller. The story of Jesse and Connor was inspired by true to life events. Every character is based on a real person in Blaine's life - from the couple, to Jack, to the sarcastic love and devotion of their friends. While we had several favorites to pick from, we chose to tell this story because it speaks to who we are, what we value, and how we see each other: as a family.

In addition, we think there are a lot of people out there who can relate to Jesse and Connor. Their lives are changing throughout the film. One minute they're THE happy couple then there are all these questions. How will they cope with their changing lives? With getting older? Or with now having a teenage son, Jack. These are issues many people deal with and it's fun to explore them in a comedic fashion. It reminds us to not take things so seriously!

SM.i: When do you hope to start filming on this project?

KS: We've been making steady progress with "Timing" since early this year. Currently, Dalliance Films' is in development for the film and is in the process of obtaining the legal paperwork to move forward with financing. We are on target with our current schedule and that (barring any unforeseen events) will put us in pre-production by early Spring of 2010, with principal photography to commence in the late Spring/early Summer. Much of the production strategy is in place and we plan to hit the ground running.

SM.i: Why was Dalliance specifically interested in Sean for the part of Connor?

KS: I don't remember who first mentioned Sean's name, but I do remember it was met with pure enthusiasm. DJ had introduced me (the Sci-Fi geek) to the "Firefly" series and "Serenity". I brought Blaine into the fold, by insisting he sit down and watch "Firefly". And another Sean Maher fan was born. Kathy enjoyed the movie but missed out on Firefly - I think she was too busy watching Buffy.

Blaine and DJ Barton took the lead on selecting the principal cast for "Timing". While we were very fortunate to have Colin Ferguson agree to play the role of Jesse, pairing a talented actor opposite him as Connor was going to be tough. Blaine and DJ determined that whoever it was going to be, needed to bring comedic timing balanced with a genuineness of character. He should look the part and look great on screen with Colin. After pouring over dozens of potential actors, Blaine and DJ had their final list of first round picks, and it was short, very short. Sean was on that list.

We took a few deep breaths, crossed our fingers, reached out to Sean and... struck gold! I can't tell you how excited we were to take that call! Colin and Sean are the perfect combination. Both have great comedic timing and will play well off of one another. Plus, Sean has proved he can be vulnerable yet keep an edge, making him the ideal Connor. We're excited to take the next step of our journey!

"Timing" Script Snippets

Every month, Dalliance Films share an exclusive snippet from their "Timing" script with us.