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On this page we have collected articles (print and online) and interviews (print and video) about Sean. General reviews of his projects are on the relevant project pages available through the filmography.

Click on any given year below to go to the interviews and articles from that year:
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January 14 - Comic Book Resources - "Sean Maher Blows Up "Arrow" as Shrapnel, Teases Dick Grayson Role." Interview by Bryan Cairns.

January 7 - The Backlot - "Sean Maher on Marriage and Playing the Villain in 'Much Ado' and 'Arrow'." Interview by Jim Halterman.


June 8 - Queetry - "Sean Maher Discusses Joss Whedon, Gay Adoption And The Impact Of Coming Out." Interview by Jeremy Kinser.

June 6 - ET Online - "Sean Maher Makes Bad Look Oh-So-Good." Interview by Jarett Wieselman.

March 6 - MakingOf - Video interview of Sean Maher and Clark Gregg about Much Ado About Nothing


November 9 - HeroComplex at The L.A. Times - "'Firefly': Sean Maher wants Whedon to make ‘Serenity’ sequel." Interview by Noelene Clark

October - Gay Calgary Magazine - "Sean Maher Comes To Edmonton: Firefly & Playboy Club Star on fans, Joss Whedon, and coming out in Hollywood." Interview by Jason Clevett.

September 18 - The Hollywood Reporter - Video interview of Sean Maher along with Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker about Much Ado About Nothing

September 1 - Daily Dragon Online - "From Science Fiction to Shakespeare with Sean Maher." Interview by Nivair H. Gabriel.

August 31 - New Melbourne Bowncoats - Video interview by New Melbourne Bowncoats shown at Can't Stop the Serenity 2012.

July 22 - Live On Bowen - Video interview by Rob Lloyd during Oz Comic Con.

July 14 - San Diego Comic Con - 10-year Firefly Reunion Panel

June 29 - Graffiti with punctuation - Interview by Blake Howard.


November 7 - Edge on the Net - "Much Ado about Sean Maher." Interview by Jim Halterman

October 26 - The Backlot - "GLSEN Respect Awards: Talking to Carson Kressley, Chaz Bono, Sean Maher and More!" Video interview by Jim Halterman.

October 24 - The Hollywood Reporter - "Joss Whedon's Star Sean Maher Reveals 'Much Ado About Nothing' Secrets ." Interview by Kimberly Nordyke.

October 24 - The Insider - "'Nothing' promises to be everything." Interview by Jarett Wieselman.

October 4- Pink News - "Sean Maher on coming out in Hollywood." Interview by Laurence Watts.

October 3 - The Backlot - "Sean Maher on Life Since Coming Out." Interview by Jim Halterman.

September 26 - Entertainment Weekly - "Playboy Club star Sean Maher opens up about his sexuality: 'This is my coming out ball.'" Interview by Tanner Stransky.

June 21 - Capsule Computers - Video interview at Supanova Sydney 2011.

May 25 - AlienBee - Exclusive Audio Interview: Sean Maher from Firefly and Serenity.


December 6 - - Sean kindly granted this exclusive interview while he was in Vancouver for reshoots for his episode of Human Target.


January 27 - - DVD Interview : Summer Glau and Sean Maher - Talking up the DVD release of "Serenity".


December - - Reviving Firefly's Simon (This link leads to a copy at since the original seems to have been taken down.)

December - Starlog #341 - Frontier Doctor

October - Cult Times - He's Back, and It's About Tam

September 28 - - 'Firefly' Doc Talks 'Serenity'

September 27 - - Interview: The Rest of the Serenity Cast

September 22 - - Sean Maher on "Serenity," "Firefly," Romance, and Fighting (Don't miss the video clip at the end!)

September 18 - - Serenity: A talk with Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau, Sean Maher, and Jewel Staite

September 16 - - It's Serenity Now for Firefly Doc

September 7 - - Firefly's Demise: An Interview with Sean Maher

August 19 - Entertainment Weekly - Serenity Now?

July 31 - New York VUE Daily News - Actor hopes 'Firefly' soars again


December 10 - People - Longest Yard

December 1 - TV Guide - The Song Lives On


November - Jane - Dear Man


October 10 - Newsday TVPlus - May the Force Be With Him - Green Kid In a Blue Uniform