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Role: Dr. Simon Tam (series regular)

Five hundred years in the future, humans have expanded onto other planets. This series follows the rag-tag crew of Firefly-class starship Serenity, making a living from whatever jobs they can get, legal or less so. Young Dr. Simon Tam comes aboard as a passenger and carries with him cargo that could cost the crew even more than the stolen goods they have hidden away in a secret compartment... it contains the one reason why Simon would give up a life of privilege and a promising future in medicine, and instead choose a life on the run from the Alliance government.

Original airdate: 2002/2003
Episode Listing: 1.01 Serenity - Part 1 & 2
1.02 The Train Job
1.03 Bushwhacked
1.04 Shindig
1.05 Safe
1.06 Our Mrs. Reynolds
1.07 Jaynestown
1.08 Out of Gas
1.09 Ariel
1.10 War Stories
1.11 Trash
1.12. The Message
1.13 Heart of Gold
1.14 Objects in Space
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