Q&A with Sean Maher

Sean has kindly agreed to answer questions from his fans via! Once per month, we will choose a question from a fan for Sean to answer, and his answer will be posted on the website. So if you have a question - or several of them! - that you would like to ask Sean, please email us at [email protected].


April 2010 - Do you have any convention appearances planned for this year?
Submitted by various fans - a popular question!

Sean: So far I don't have any conventions scheduled for 2010, but I will let you know if I do!
The conventions I've done have always given priority to employment, meaning that if I say yes and end up being offered a role, I am let out of my commitment to the convention.
I make decisions on conventions sometimes based on which other actors will be attending—in fact, the last Star Fury convention I decided to do was because of Morena being there as well. Our lives can be so busy and I hadn't seen her in awhile so that convention became the perfect opportunity to spend time with her as well as with the fans—to be able to reconnect and reminisce.

NEW May 2010 - You mentioned directing a play in high school [in the interview for the website], so I'm wondering, are you interested in doing more of that?
Submitted by Terryl

Sean: I am, in addition to being most intent on acting, trying to focus on writing as well. I could see directing somewhere in the future, but in my immediate world there is a specific story I am trying to birth...
We'll see...

NEW June 2010 - What is it about writing (or maybe directing) that is appealing to you?
Submitted by Joey

Sean: As an actor I have always wanted (and still want) to do good work. As I get older, and specifically the last couple of years, I am craving a deeper sense of truth in my work. Writing is that natural progression for me—creating the story that I wish to tell. A story which resonates so deeply within me and hopefully when that story is told (big sigh) it speaks to others as well. I think that's what all writers wish for.