Q&A with Sean Maher

by Joey

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Spoiler Section

SM.i: Can you tell us quickly what are the parts that you’re going to play in Human Target and The Mentalist?

Sean: Yeah, absolutely. Human Target, so the premise of the show is Chance, the lead character, is essentially a human target. He gets in these situations where someone's life is at risk, so he poses as these certain people to solve the crime or what-have-you. My character [Aaron Cooper] is a Nobel-Prize winning journalist whose brother gets murdered by the CIA, when he thought his brother was a non-profit lawyer. He gets a phone call from his brother, like after his brother’s been poisoned, saying, did you get the package? And he’s sent me all this information, which I don’t know what it is but it’s all this whole spy thing that he was involved in and he’s now been killed and I’m now involved because I have all this information and the only person that I’m supposed to call is this guy Chance, played by Mark Valley. So then I call him and I in turn get poisoned because the poison’s airborne in my apartment so, y’know, time's ticking while we’re trying to figure out who it is that killed my brother. So it’s all like spy/espionage stuff. And then The Mentalist I play an aide to a mayor and there’s a murder in the mayor’s office and there’s a whole building complex that’s going up and there’s all these environmental people who are against this and this woman turns up – they do a first dig ceremony and her body comes up. So she’s murdered, put there, and it seems like it’s an eco stunt. So this guy who’s the aide to the mayor, actually turns out to be an eco-terrorist who is undercover, so you think he’s the killer. So he’s sort of like Jekyll and Hyde. So he's, like, sort of super clean cut, super efficient aide to the mayor and then he’s actually this eco-terrorist named Jasper. His main concern is against this building complex that’s going up. So they’re both really fun roles. I’ve always loved journalism and always kind of thought of being a journalist, and the eco-terrorist role was just super fun, it was great.